Welcome to Bartec Solutions

Bartec Solutions is Australia’s foremost supplier of short and long automatic bar loaders, shaft loader and unloaders as well as multi-tube hydrodynamic feeders. Our products service the CNC Lathe market, as well as the conventional auto turning field.

Bartec Solutions has successfully applied its engineering inventiveness to meet challenges as manufacturing industry moves towards ever-higher degrees of automation.

The company strives continuously to improve its product design to meet industry needs for greater productivity. In our field this translates to higher operational speeds, greater rigidity, ease of operation with long term reliability.

The Directors of Bartec Solutions have more than forty years experience in machine tool marketing, engineering design and manufacturing. This experience is the key to the success of Bartec Solutions in the Australian market. With a highly skilled team we are able to produce products of high quality and at a competitive price. Flexibility in thought and innovation has enabled us to supply products to meet market needs, both in Australia and overseas.

We seek to establish long-term associations with our customers and distributors, so as to provide solutions to bar handling problems, with a continuous commitment to product support. This support is founded specifically on assisting our users in understanding and absorbing new concepts and technology.

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